it's the highest expression of our philosophy: excellence is an attitude!

Excellence is everywhere, but you have to know how to recognize it. Hall of Excellence will allow you to take an exciting walk among the virtual tables of producers discovering the beautiful food and wine realities, interacting directly with them and buying what will have impressed you the most.

The WineHunter AWARD

it's the award that recognizes excellence.

A work of research and tasting which has been going on for 30 years, in order to present and suggest you only the best of the enological and culinary panorama which has been characterizing our unique and rich Italian culture for centuries. In this section you can discover all the products awarded by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher and take a journey into the fascinating world of wine and food.

The WineHunter EVENTS

The WineHunter is not only an award for excellence but it is also the desire to create a large network where producers, customers and fans can meet.

Here you will find all the events signed by The WineHunter that are characterized by "the five E's": excellence, exclusivity, balance, elegance, elitism. Let yourself be conquered by exclusivity and enter the magical world of wine and food.

WineHunter CHANNEL

The WineHunter's media library contains the best of multimedia production. .

A collection of videos made to tell the wonderful stories, characters and realities of our family. Here you can view our virtual tours, tasting sessions, showcooking, mixology sessions, conventions, symposia and more. Browse through the library and be enthralled by the richness that only The WineHunter can provide.

WineHunter ACADEMY

The WineHunter Academy offers the opportunity to stay up to date and informed about all the news and innovations in the industry and provides the opportunity to take training courses to implement their skills.

Thanks to a wide network of collaboration with institutes and universities from all over the world, it will be possible to follow in-depth studies in the field of Science&Innovation. WineHunter courses are not only aimed at individual training, but are also committed to proposing operational, technical and creative solutions dedicated to companies.

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the official portal signed by The WineHunter

A place to learn about, discover and explore all the content related to the world of wine and food selected by The WineHunter; wineries, products, video library and more.

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