Chiara Giannotti:

From Rome, graduate in literature, entered the wineries in Tuscany and the Marche region owned by her family at a very young age. From there she developed her passion and deep knowledge, took the official Diploma of Sommelier in 2001 and the title of Dame Chevalier de Champagne in 2007, deepening the art of tasting. In 2015 he left the cellars that were changing properties and founded his blog, which gave life to the first dedicated to the world of wine, which established itself as one of the reference points of wine communication today. At the same time, she is a professional taster in important panels and wine magazines, including Doctorwine, teacher in tasting courses and presenter of wine and food events. Since 2018 she has also been bringing wine on TV, collaborating with a number of TV stations: Gold Tv, La7, LazioTv and conducting a radio broadcast on wine for Radio Food, the first web radio entirely dedicated to food and wine. He also follows the evaluation and auctioning of collector and investment wines and in 2019 his book on luxury wines “La Cantina Perfetta”, published by Rizzoli in Italian and English.



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