The Campania region, land of myth, boasts today 15 DOC and 4 DOCG (a total of 19 DOP), as well as 10 IGP.

DOP/DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) of Campania are: Taurasi, Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Aglianico del Taburno.

DOP/ DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) of Campania are: Ischia, Capri, Vesuvio, Cilento, Falerno del Massico, Castel San Lorenzo, Aversa, Penisola Sorrentina, Campi Flegrei, Costa d’Amalfi, Galluccio, Sannio, Irpinia, Casavecchia di Pontelatone, Falanghina del Sannio.

IGP/IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica, Typical Geographic Indication) wines are: Colli di Salerno, Dugenta, Epomeo, Paestum, Pompeiano, Roccamonfina, Beneventano, Terre del Volturno, Campania, Catalanesca del Monte Somma. In the countryside of Benevento is produced DOC Falanghina del Sannio and DOCG Aglianico del Taburno, whereas Aglianico together with other local grapes (Greco, Fiano, Piedirosso…) gives life to DOC Sannio. Irpinia is the cradle of prestigious wine productions such as DOCG Taurasi, made from Aglianico, DOCG Fiano di Avellino, obtained from the homonymous grape, and DOCG Greco di Tufo. In the same area is produced Irpinia DOC, in its different types (among red wines, besides Aglianico, also Sciascinoso and Piedirosso; among white wines, besides Greco and Fiano, also Coda di volpe and Falanghina). In the province of Caserta are produced the DOC wines Falerno del Massico, Asprinio di Aversa (obtained from the characteristic vines which, marinated in poplar, grow vertically), Galluccio and Casavecchia di Pontelatone. Further south, the volcanic lands of Vesuvian and Neapolitan area, preserve Piedirosso, Falanghina, Biancolella, Sciascinoso and Forastera grapes, just to mention some of them. From these grapes are produced DOC wines such as Vesuvio (and Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio), Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei, Ischia and Capri. Going on, the landscape becomes more and more sweet and charming, where the yellow of lemons blends with the blue of the sea: this is the land where the DOC Peninsula Sorrentina is produced with the subzones Lettere, Gragnano and Sorrento. Continuing towards south it is possible to reach Costiera Amalfitana, where wines are strongly typical, coming from autochthonous grapes such as Fenile, Ginestra, Ripolo, Pepella and Tintore, unique for their aromatic complexity. This is the area of DOC Costa di Amalfi, with the subzones Furore, Ravello and Tramonti. South from Salerno, we finally reach Cilento, where is located the homonymous national park recognized as Unesco World Heritage, where the Cilento and Castel San Lorenzo DOC wines are produced. Moreover, in the last years, in the course of the study activities done by specialized research organizations and by local producers – and also thanks to the recovery work of the Regional Department of Agriculture -, a revaluation of many local grape varieties has been achieved. Among them, it is possible to mention: for the province of Avellino, the so called Greco muscio; for the province of Benevento, Moscato di Baselice; for the province of Caserta, Pallagrello bianco, Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia; for the province of Naples, Caprettone and Catalanesca; and for the province of Salerno, the varieties Fenile, Ginestra, Ripolo, Pepella, Tintore and Aglianicone. In general, a history of ancient vines and varieties of surprising richness, which in part is still to be explored.


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